Control equipment – Roughness meter

The polishing is part of most demanding customers’ specifications.

ABC Swiss Tech has developed control equipment that will allow you to qualify your surface qualities, at the lowest cost.

Thereby, we can offer you a family of roughness testers whose measurement range can reach Ra 0.005 µm (or 5 nm).

Most of these devices are portable version.

They can also be mounted on high precision supports to ensure very good repeatability.

The most efficient and easy to use models are based on the principle of a diamond head of 5 or 10 microns

They can also measure the roughness of curved surfaces as well as recessed grooves., according to the options chosen

Portable Roughness

We have developed a range of portable and compact roughness meters; they will allow you to:

These surface roughness possible to obtain measures of particular interest when equipment is simple to use search.

The first model in 50 nm can measure up to Ra 0.05 microns (basic prices : 1220 Euros).

The second modele en 5 nm can measure up to Ra 0.005 microns (basic prices : 1300 Euros).
Finally, we sought to provide very affordable price products while maintaining high technical quality.

Finally, various options allow you to transfer your measurements to a PC, as well as measure surfaces in deep grooves or on curved surfaces…

Before / after surface

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