Deburring powders

ABC SwissTech has developed a complete range of abrasive powders or polishing including :

Thereby, we have developed very fine powders whose size is of the order of tens of nanometers.
These powders are used to obtain interesting results when searching a surface high quality

ABC WA800 
Aluminium oxide powder

Well suited for deburring soft, but also for preparatory work for polishing

ABC WA2000 
Aluminium oxide powder

Intended for work of polishing end. Requires a first step in preparation for polishing with a powder type ABC WA800 or equivalent


Fuel poudre purifiée

Well suited for deburring powerful.
This list is not exhaustive and only lists some commonly available products.
We organize training on these products to understand their mode of operation and to choose the correct way according to the objectives, materials worked, chemical additives and equipment used…

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